Faculty and Staff

English Department Contact: Parker Hall 313,  phone: (718) 390-3256, fax: (718) 420-4158.

The English Department is part of the Humanities Division, led by Dr. Sarah Donovan, Division Chair.


Emily Barth

Assistant Professor, English Department

emily.barth@wagner.edu Parker Hall 315

My research and writing focuses on early modern literature and culture, gender and emotion in early literature, and digital humanities.

Lindsay Sabatino

Director of Writing Center, Office of Student Advising and Accessibility

Associate Professor/Director of Writing Center, English Department

lindsay.sabatino@wagner.edu Parker Hall 309

Steven Thomas

Professor, English Department

Director of Integrated Learning, Office of the Provost

718-420-4523 steven.thomas@wagner.edu Parker 308

Eric Dean Wilson

Assistant Professor, English Department

718-390-3363 eric.wilson@wagner.edu Parker Hall, Rm 312

Assistant Professor of American Literature and Creative Writing
Advisor to the Wagner Beacon (Student Literary Magazine)

Adjunct Faculty


Claire Regan

Adjunct Faculty, English Department

718-390-3256 claire.regan@wagner.edu

Advisor to The Wagnerian

Thomas Fucaloro

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Charlotte Fiehn

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Sade Dinkins

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Eric Benick

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Adrienne Terzuoli

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Gabriella Iacono

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Yuliya Cammarano

Adjunct Faculty, English Department


Deirdre Cruz

Adjunct Faculty, English Department




Marissa Carney

Academic Administrative Assistant, Humanities

marissa.carney@wagner.edu Parker Hall 313

Emeritus Faculty


Susan Bernardo

Emeritus Professor

sbernard@wagner.edu Parker Hall 311

Academic Interests: Science Fiction, Ecocriticism, Victorian Fiction, Fairy Tales.

Ann Hurley

Emeritus Professor

ahurley@wagner.edu Parker Hall 312

Dr. Peter Sharpe

Professor emeritus


Dr. Anne Schotter

aschotte@wagner.edu Parker Hall 315

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