Helpful Hints

  • Retain photocopies of all forms and documents you submit to government agencies or Wagner College and keep them in a cumulative financial aid file.
  • Always include the student's name and Wagner College ID number on all correspondence.
  • Be sure all forms are complete before you submit them.
  • Read and respond immediately to all correspondence pertaining to your financial aid.
  • Call or visit the Office of Financial Aid with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Always get the name of the person you speak to at Wagner or outside agencies.
  • Keep the Office of Financial Aid informed of any changes to your family's financial situation.
  • Notify Financial Aid of any scholarships/grants received by outside sources.
  • Loan borrowers must notify Financial Aid, lenders, and guarantee agencies of changes in name, address, telephone number or enrollment status.
  • Financial aid programs are constantly changing. Keep in touch with your Office of Financial Aid to stay informed.

Common FAFSA errors

  • Failing to sign your FAFSA using your FSA ID (a username and password) or not submitting your signature page.
  • Failing to have your parent sign your FAFSA using his/her FSA ID or not submitting the signature page.
  • Entering parents' income information under the student's section.
  • Entering the student's income information under the parents' section.
  • Submitting incorrect income/tax information.

Remember: FAFSA filing deadlines are important. For incoming students, the priority filing date is January 15th. For returning students, the FAFSA filing date is February 1st.

For specific Financial Aid questions, please email or call the office at 718-390-3183