Types of Financial Aid

Financial Aid is comprised of four types of funding: scholarships, grants, loans and employment. Eligibility for aid may be contingent upon need, merit or both. Please click on the links within each category to view additional information.

Institutional Scholarships

Wagner College awards merit-based scholarships and grants to students who possess outstanding talent in academics, athletics or performance in either music or theatre.  In addition, grants and tuition discounts may be available for qualifying students.  Scholarships are applicable for four years of full-time study toward courses required for the student's degree.

Institutional Grants

Wagner College offers institutional grants and discounts to to qualifying students to assist with their cost.

Outside Scholarships

You are encouraged to perform a scholarship searches via the internet.  The links page provides access to multiple searches. Recipients of outside awards are to notify the Office of Financial Aid of the award.

Federal & State Grants

Grants are funds which do not have to be repaid. Any grants for which you are eligible will appear on your Financial Aid Offer.


Many people are under the misconception that loans are not financial aid. "Financial aid", however, refers to grants, employment and loans. Federal loans a student is eligible for are included in the student's Aid Offer. Although recommended as a practical means of funding a college education, you are not obligated to accept a loan as part of your financial aid package.  It is always best to exhaust federal student loan options prior to a parent borrowing a PLUS or a student/parent borrowing an Alternative Loan.

Student Employment Program

The Wagner College Student Employment Program (SEP) encompasses Federal Work-Study Program and Regular Student Employment (for non-CWS students). The SEP provides jobs for students  allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student's course of study.