Timesheets & Compliance Requirements

Student Timesheets 101...all you need to know to fill out your timesheet

  • All necessary paperwork required for Student Employment must be submitted prior to the last working day of the month (I-9,W-4, Referral)
  • Timesheets may be completed by students working on-campus in the Online Timesheets system.  All students working off-campus must use a paper timesheet which may be printed from the website.
  • Timesheets are due by 4 pm on the first working day of the following month.
  • Be sure all required information is filled-in. Incomplete timesheets will not be processed until completed which may not be until the following pay period.
  • Both the supervisor's and student's original ink signatures must be on paper timesheets at the time of submission.
  • Timesheets are processed once a month. Late timesheets should be submitted as soon as possible and will be held for the next payroll cycle.
  • Any corrections to the timesheet must be initialed by the supervisor.
  • A separate timesheet must be completed for each position held in a pay period.
  • After six (6) hours of work, you are required, under NYS Labor law, to take a one-half (1/2) hour mandatory, unpaid meal break. This break must be documented on your timesheet. Federal and State Compliance Requirements
    Students are held to the same labor guidelines and laws as are all employees of Wagner College. Some of the main guidelines and laws are as follows:
  • Employees are required to take a minimum of 1/2 hour unpaid meal break after six (6) hours of continuous work.
  • Students must sign out for all breaks taken and will only be paid for actual hours worked.
  • Students are not eligible for unemployment benefits, holiday pay or overtime pay.
  • Timesheets must be submitted based upon the timesheet/payroll schedule established by Wagner College in compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Additional information can be found on the NYS Department of Labor website.