SEP Award Periods/Timeframes

There are several award periods for one year. Students are hired for a specific award period that has certain requirements that must be met. It is very important to be familiar with each type of award period as it will impact upon your ability to hire students and your budget.

The following are the award periods/time-frames that you, as a supervisor, must familiarize yourself with:

I. Academic Year (late August through mid May)
The academic year award period covers the fall and spring semesters. Federal regulations stipulate that any period when classes are in session is considered academic year. Students are able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year.

II. Summer I (mid May through late June)
This award period falls under summer guidelines however, the student's funding falls under the academic year that is ending (Ex: A student working in June 2012 will be utilizing 2011-12 funds.) Summer Job Orders are required for this period.

III. Summer II (July through late August)
This period also falls under summer guidelines. However, the student's funding is based upon the new academic year eligibility (Ex: A student working in July 2012 will begin earning their 2012-13 funding). The 2012-2013 department budget is applicable to Summer II. The College's fiscal year ends on August 31, 2012 so the department budget being drawn on is still the current budget and not the next year's budget.

Students must complete a Referral Form for each award period that they will work. Only one Referral need be completed for the Academic Year for a specific position. Students who hold more than one position in an Academic Year must have a Referral Form on file for each position worked. Remember: a student is limited to only one position per academic year unless the student is a tutor or is working a second position over a break period. A Referral Form must be completed for Summer I and II.