Campus Contacts

Dina Assante

Associate Dean of Center for Academic & Career Services - Disability Services

718.390.3278 Union, 3rd Floor

Jim Gibbons

Director of Admissions

718.390.3180 Pape Admissions House

Patricia Clancy

Assistant Director of Enrollment - Graduate Admissions

718.420.4464 Pape House Admissions

Theresa M. Weimer

Director of Financial Aid - Veteran's Certifying Officer

718.390.3122 Cunard Hall

Kathleen Oberfeldt

Assistant Dean of Health & Wellness

718.390.3435 Campus Hall 127

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Athena Turner-Frederick


718.390.3207 Cunard Hall

Ange Concepcion

Director of Residential Education

718.390.3801 Union, 3rd Floor

Ange provides oversight and ongoing evaluation to CICA, ResEd, and SEA.She also serves as a conduct officer and performs program assessment.

Jo Ann Esposito


718.390.3113 Cunard Hall, 1st Floor