Wagner Resources/Policies

Wagner College charges the same tuition rate for students regardless of in-state or out-of-state status.  Rate information may be found here.

For an individual to be considered eligible for VA educational benefits at Wagner College, the student must supply a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA to the Wagner College Office of Financial Aid.
In compliance with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 (Public Law 115-407), Wagner College:
- Will allow an individual eligible for Ch 33 or Ch 31 benefits enroll in Wagner College and register for courses.
- Will allow an individual for whose payment has not yet been received to continue enrollment in a course(s) to remain enrolled in classes until such time as payment is received from the VA for the semester.
- Will not assess a late fee to the student for a balance owed due to the late arrival of a VA payment for tuition.
- Will not deny the student access to campus resources and facilities based upon late arrival of a VA payment for tuition.
- Will not require a student to secure other types of funding to cover the outstanding balance owed due to a late payment by the VA.
If a balance owed is due because of other items assessed to a student such as room, board, etc, a hold may be placed on a student account preventing future registration until payment of those fees are made.

Wagner College offers life experience credits via the Office of the Registrar to those who qualify. The application and process may be found here.

Student veterans qualify for priority registration at Wagner. Providing a student's registration is free of any holds which prevent registration, student veterans are able to register the first week of pre-registration with seniors. For additional information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 718-390-3173 or registrar@wagner.edu.

The Wagner College Community recognizes the sacrifices that those in the Armed Forces make while serving our country. We are proud of these individuals and have therefore adopted the following policy to deal with currently enrolled Wagner College students that are called to active military duty.
1. Upon presentation of official orders, the student will be withdrawn from his/her courses for the given semester and a grade of 'W' will be recorded on his/her academic record.
2. The student is eligible for a full tuition refund, or can choose to have the monies held on account to be used at a later date.
3. In the case of a residential student, room and board charges will be pro-rated based on the period in the semester when the student is required to leave and the remaining amount will be refunded, or held on account based on the student's request.

In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 2008, Wagner College will readmit an individual who left school because of service performed with the US Armed Forces.
Service includes voluntary or involuntary service as a member of the National Guard or Reserve, on active duty, active duty for training, or full-time National Guard duty under Federal authority (not state authority), for a period of more than 30 consecutive days under a call or order to active duty of more than 30 consecutive days. Cumulative length of absence including previous absences for military service time must not exceed five years.
Notice of Intent to Re-enroll
Oral or written intent to re-enroll must be provided to the Wagner College Registrar's Office within three years after the completion of your service period or no later than 2 years after your recovery if you are recovering from a service-related injury or illness. A service member whose notification occurs outside of these timelines will be subject to Wagner’s general re-admission standards.
Wagner requests that a service member complete the application for re-admission with the Registrar's Office.  Proof of military service must accompany the application for re-admission and includes:
Documents that may be used for this purpose include:
- DD (Department of Defense) 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.
- Copy of duty orders prepared by the facility where the orders were fulfilled carrying an endorsement indicating completion of the described service.
- Letter from the commanding officer of a Personnel Support Activity or someone of comparable authority.
- Certificate of completion from military training school.
- Discharge certificate showing character of service.
- Copy of extracts from payroll documents showing periods of service.
- Letter from National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Team Leader or Administrative Officer verifying dates and times of NDMS training or Federal activation.
A service member will be readmitted into the next semester and within the same program unless the student chooses to enroll at a later date or program. In addition, a student will be re-admitted with the same enrollment status, number of credits completed and academic progress as when last in attendance.
If a student is not to resume the program where he or she left off, Wagner must make reasonable efforts to enable the student to resume and complete the program at no additional cost.
Tuition and fees will be assessed at the rate established when the student was last in attendance for the first year after re-admission. Should a student’s veterans educational benefits cover the difference between the previous costs and current tuition and fees, the student may be charged the fees at the current rate.
Additional information about re-admission for students who left school for military service may be found here.

In compliance with Public Law 116-315 and Executive Order 13607, Wagner College has established the following to support our veterans and their families.
Provide a student with a personalized form regarding costs Prospective students will be provided with a shopping sheet that will contain information about costs and aid for which the student may be eligible.
Provide educational plans for military and veteran's educational benefit recipients The Wagner College Bulletin provides educational plans for each academic program, along with a listing of each course and when it is offered.  In addition, students may access the "Degree Audit" tab in myWagner for tracking of requirements.  Prospective students can receive personalized estimates of transfer credits earned from both military training and other prior learning experiences starting at the initial admissions process, and provided official transcripts are submitted.
Information regarding additional requirements for certifications and licensures The Wagner College Bulletin provides information regarding academic programs whihc require additional testing for certifications and licensure for specific programs. Academic departments also provide inforamtion to students enrolled in these programs.
End fradulent/aggressive recruiting Wagner College does not conduct aggressive or deceptive recruiting practices on or off-military installations including unsolicited contacts (3 or more) to covered individuals. The college does not engage in same-day recruitment and registration nor misrepresent ourselves. Wagner also does not provide incentive-bassed payments based on succesws in securing enrollments or financial aid to any recruiting, admissions or financial aid personnel.
Information regarding transfer credits including military credits Admissions wsill evaluate transfer credits for prospective students.  Life experience credits and transfer credits (for those already in attendance) are evaluated by the Registrar's Office.
Designated points of contact The designated points of contact for financial, academic and other matters may be found on the Veteran's Resources webpage.
Accredidtion of new programs prior to student enrollment Wagner College is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education which does not require approval for new degree programs. Wagner College adheres to the procedure as stated by NYS Education Department.
Align the insitutional refund policy with those of Title IV The refund policy mirrors that of the Title IV refund policy required by the US Department of Education. The policy may be found on the Business Office website.
Inform students who are eligible to receive military and veteran's educational benefits of the availability of federal financial aid The Admissions Office routinely notifies applicants of the availability of financial aid. Information regarding financial aid opportunities is also maintained on the Office of Financial Aid webpage.
Readmittance to a program for those service members and reservists whose education is interrupted due to service requirements Information about the re-admission policy for service members and reservists is available on the Veteran's Resources webpage.