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Studying Government and Politics

The study of politics is valuable in several different ways. First, citizens should understand the nature of the democratic system, even if they have no professional interest in political science. Second, there are some careers for which training in the study of politics is useful. This is true especially for those hoping to seek careers in higher education, the legal profession, state and local government, urban planning, the federal civil service, journalism, lobbying groups, or the proliferating organizations that monitor political processes and policies. Lastly, majoring in Government and Politics will help any student develop reasoning and analytical skills and build competence in oral and written expression.

These skills and aptitudes will be useful to students no matter what their ultimate career choices may be. Particularly when it is increasingly common that people change jobs several different times during their lives, the ability to think, read, and write become the indispensable foundation for adapting to change in the world of work.

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Chris DeFilippi stops on his commute to the Clinton Foundation to chat about his Wagner experience as a government & politics major. Watch Chris DeFilippi profile
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