Government and Politics Faculty

Cyril Ghosh

Associate Professor/Chair, Government & Politics Main Hall 45A - 3rd floor

Shaohua Hu

Professor, Government & Politics

718-390-3312 Main Hall 3rd floor Room 45B

Comparative and international politics in East Asia.

Jeffrey Kraus

Provost & VP for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost 4th Floor Wagner Union

Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections, Health Policy and the Politics of Sports

Patricia Moynagh

Associate Professor, Government & Politics Department

718-420-4492 Main Hall 45C

Director of Gender Studies

Steve Snow

Professor, Government & Politics Department Main Hall 3rd floor 45D

Prof. Snow was born and raised in Iowa (not Idaho, not Ohio), but now considers himself a New Yorker.

Abraham Unger

Associate Professor, Government & Politics Department

Campus Rabbi, Center for Spirituality Main Hall 3rd floor

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