B.A. International Affairs

  • Requirements for a Major in International Affairs (B.A.)
  • A minimum of 12 Units with the following distribution:
  • Core requirements – 3 units: GOV251; EC101; GOV350.

Foreign Language Requirement – 1 unit
Must be at 112 level or above. Wagner offers language study in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Students, who demonstrate language proficiency, are required to take one additional unit from the elective requirements below.

Elective Requirements – 6 units
Within the International Affairs major, students may concentrate in International Politics or International Economics. They shall take 4 units from their own concentration and 2 units from the other concentration.

At least one course should be drawn from one non-European region (i.e., Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East). EC304 and EC305 are required for students in the International Economics concentration.

In addition to the courses listed, students may petition to have other courses count towards the major if the courses have a substantial international component and are approved by the director and advisory committee of the International Affairs major.

International Politics Concentration – 6 units
Three (3) additional units chosen from: Anthropology 201; History 269, 283, 311; GOV232, 246, 249, 253, 355, 356; GOV354/HI 356; GOV/HI 234, GOV/HI 242, GOV/HI 247.Two additional units must be chosen from the International Economics track below.

International Economics Concentration – 6 units
EC 304 and 305 (required); and 2 additional units chosen from: Business Administration 211, 531; Economics 301, 312, 412; Finance 411; Marketing 411; Management 521.Two additional units must be chosen from the International Politics track above.

The Senior Learning Community
Students will take the Senior Learning Community (GOV400 and GOV490). If International Affairs is a student’s second major, GOV400 may be replaced by one unit from the elective requirements.