B.A. in Public Policy & Administration

The Public Administration major provides students with a solid liberal arts education: at the same time, it exposes them to professional orientation in public policy and administration.

Majors will acquire analytical, practical and theoretical skills for public service in contemporary society. Drawing upon numerous skills from multiple disciplines, this major prepares students for a variety of career options.

For example, this major equips students for public service at all levels of governmental agencies; it also prepares students to pursue opportunities at not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.


A minimum of 12 units with the following distribution:

Core requirements—6 units:

GOV 103; GOV 211; GOV 312; GOV 316; EC 101; MG 201

4 additional units chosen from one of the following options/concentrations 

Public Affairs Urban Policy Economic Policy
HI 315 GOV 205 EC 301
HI 316 GOV 314 EC 302
GOV 212 SO 103 EC 306
GOV 213 SO 215 EC 313
GOV 215 SO 302 EC 412
GOV 314 SO 306 EC 414
SO 103 SO 311  
SO 215 SO 320  
SO 306 SW 105  
SW 292 SW 211  
SW 292  


Senior Learning Community – 2 units
GOV 490 and 400