B.A. in Sports Administration

Often, what goes on behind the scenes is as exciting as what’s happening on the field. A degree in sports administration can lead to exciting and varied opportunities in the sports industry.

Jobs in the field can be found on college campuses, at the local health and fitness club, YMCA’s and all levels of professional sports. The sporting industry continues to be one of the most dominant players in media and entertainment and business.

In 2019 alone, the global sports market was expected to generate $73.5 billion dollars in revenue according to Forbes. What is so great about this Sports Administration degree at a liberal arts institution is that at the bachelor’s level, the Sports Administration degree focuses on the fundamentals.

In the first two years of the degree, students can take general education courses in Math, English, literature, social sciences, and science. By the third year of the degree program, students will move into specialization and learn about ethics in sports, marketing, finance, and sports psychology.

This degree will be part of the larger Wagner curriculum as well as support courses that focus on the sports industry. Students may be offered an internship in the field which will greatly benefit them as they move into the job market.



Course Number & Skills  Course Title & Frequency
1. GOV 103

(O, R, S, WC)

American Government and Politics 

  • offered Fall and Spring 
2.  GOV 211

(O, S, WC)


GOV 312

(S, LL)


Public Administration 

  • offered every Spring


Public Policy 

  • offered every Fall


3.  GOV 205

(O, S)

Urban Policy

  • offered every Fall 
4.  SA 101


Introduction to Sports Administration

  • offered Fall and Spring 
5.  SA 102


Financial Decisionmaking for Non-Profits

  • offered Fall and Spring 
6.  SA 397


Internship in Sports Administration

  • must be taken before SLC
7.  SA 400 & 490


Senior Seminar & Senior RFT & Internship [4 units]  

  • offered every Spring



Course Number & Skills  Course Title & Frequency
1. AR 203

(A, CC, TT)

Graphic Design

  • offered Fall and Spring
2. FM 221

(A, CC, TC, TT)

Video Editing

  • offered every odd Fall
3. FM 222

(A, CC, D, TC, TT, U)

Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking

  • offered every Fall in the FYP and separately for general enrollment every odd Fall
4. PS 235 Sport Psychology

  • offered as needed
5. SA 204



  • offered Fall semester of even-numbered years
6. SA 205


Global Perspectives in Sport

  • offered Fall semester of odd-numbered years
7. SA 206


America through Baseball

  • offered Fall semester of even-numbered years
8. SA 207


Communications in Sport

  • offered Fall semester of odd-numbered years
9. SA 291 Special Topics [in Sports Administration]

  • offered as needed
10. SA 301


Sports Venues and Events

  • offered Fall semester of even-numbered years
11. SA 306


Sports Marketing Management

  • offered every Spring
12. SO215

(R, S, UU, WC)

Race & Ethnic Relations

  • offered Fall semester and every other spring semester
13. SW292

(L, UU, WW)

Introduction to Social Policy

  • offered as required