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10 Things to Look Forward to This Summer

Dear Reader,

So right about now I am drowning in homework, projects and papers. I can't deal with finals right now. Plus, have you seen the sky. It's blue and wonderful. There's a light breeze and I can feel the summer wind making its way toward us. I need something to look forward to after finals. Summer. What exactly am I talking about? I'm happy you asked:

1. No More Homework








You've finally found time to catch up on your reading. Did I say reading? I meant Netflix.

2. Catching Up on TV Shows











You can finally stop yelling at people not to spoil shows for you. I get to finally find out where the cookies are on Empire!

3. Summer Jobs








Yeah, work is no fun- unless it's summer work! Camp counselors, movie theater employees, and ice cream scoopers of the wold, rejoice. This is your season.

4. Sleep









Remember all those all nighters you had to pull to make it through the end of the semester. You earned this nap. See you in 72 hours.

5. Music Festivals

giphy (2)







Grab your flower crown and glitter, cause it's time to attend 75 concerts in a 72 hour time period. Music ain't music if you aren't sitting on some guy's shoulders, am I right?

6. Summer Flings








Maybe it's the cute guy who works at the corner store. Or your co-worker who just looks so nice in a staff t-shirt. Maybe it's that kid from high school who got way hotter at college. Whatever- you're out of here in 3 months anyways.

7. Old Friends

giphy (3)









You texted all year. You skyped and sent care packages, but it's nothing like the real thing. Remember, these people probably saw you go through puberty, and they still like you. Spend as much time with them as possible.

8. The Beach








Ocean, lake, pond, or community swimming pool. Just remember to use a healthy amount of sunblock.

9. Family Vacation










Yeah, they can drive you crazy. But, these people raised you. The least you can do is smile next to the world's second largest rocking chair. You might actually like it.

10. Missing School

giphy (4)








If we didn't leave school, it wouldn't be fun to come back to. You have to miss the all nighters, the internships, the classes, the drama, and above all your friends.