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10 Things You Will Do Instead of Preparing For Finals

Dear Reader,

Do you hear it? In the distance, the faintest sound of fear. The smell of frustration. The emails piling up in  your inbox about deadlines, presentation schedules, and summer job acceptances. (or lack there of.) Finals are right around the corner. *Gulp*

But, who wants to worry about finals. Not me, that's for sure. I have a sneaking suspicion you don't want to either. I also have a sneaking suspicion of the things you'll do instead of finals. Let me know if it's any of the following:

1. Watch Netflix










Or, Hulu, HBO, or the good ole' TV. So long as it's not that documentary you were supposed to watch for class last month...

2. Daydream About Summer Plans








Oooh, the beach. Oooh, the pool. Oooh, the minimum wage job. Maybe I should text that one guy from home, see what he's up to this summer...

3. Shop









I need that skirt. And that ice cube tray. And this limited edition copy of Catcher in the Rye. Crap- I had reading to do.

4. Clean Your Room








Gosh, how did I let this place get so messy. I can't possibly expect to work in such a mess. Does anyone have rug shampoo?!

5. Take Up A Bad Habit









*bites off all nails in stress related frustration*

6. Start Planning For Next Year








We could loft my bed- or bunk our beds- or- OH MY PROFESSOR JUST EMAILED ME! No000000!

7. Stalk People on Social Media









How did I get all the way back to these 2009 photos. I clicked like- crap- crap- CRAP!

8. Call Your Mom (Or Dad)








Mom- what if I fail? What if I fail and I have to live with you forever. I'm not that strong.

9. Have a Full Blow Meltdown










Most likely in front of your professor, your ex, or that cute guy in your Astronomy class.

10. Write a Blog

giphy (1)









I'm not perfect.

See you all on the other side.