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12 Thoughts People Far Away From Their BFFs Have Had

bff Back in our hometowns, we all have that person that we were attached to at the hip. That someone who you spent all your free time with, you have so many inside jokes with, and you have become a part of their family. College, more specifically distance, can really mess up a best friendship. But don't you fret, everyone is having these problems, and I promise you distance can only strengthen it. Use it as a test for your friendship, and try to defy the odds.

Instead of being sad about it, enjoy reading this blog post about the different kinds of emotions we all have felt when being hundreds of miles away from your other half.


The first question people ask you in senior year of high school is, "How are you going to function being so far away from *insert bff's name here*?"


Your final goodbye at the end of summer.

sad goodbye

Being scared that your friendship is going to slowly disintegrate.

Not knowing how you are going to make new friends at college.


Now that you're so far away, you begin texting 20x more then you did before.


Having a countdown until the day you two are reunited.


FaceTiming or Skyping them any moment when you are both free.


Going months without seeing each other.


Seeing the pictures of them with their new friends, and feeling replaced.

crying computer

Living in two different time zones.


Finding blog posts like these and, posting them on your bff's Facebook wall.


Having the most picture perfect reunion when you see each other at last.



If you are a prospective student, and are freaking out about distance, appreciate the time you have with them now.

If you are a current student, I hope this post resonated with you as we all know how difficult it is. For now, shoot your best friend a text and tell them how much you miss them.