2nd annual health fair
Lynn Tay On campus

2nd Annual Health Fair on the Oval

There is no better way to enjoy a Thursday than to have an oval day. Although it was not a typical sunny oval day, it was a lively one because of the 2nd annual Wagner College Health Fair.  I had a fun time with members of various clubs on campus who were raising awareness about health, fundraising money for good causes, and having a fun time at the different activities. As students passed by on their way to classes, they would stop and take a look at what each organization on the oval had to offer. Tables were giving out free goodies like toothbrushes, floss picks, stress balls in the shape of a brain, water bottles, pretzels, sunglasses, fruit salad, smoothies, and pretzels. Each table also had a different activity, which helped people interact and learn more about the topic that the organization was focusing on.

I had invited Mrs. Tricia Baker from Attitudes in Reverse (AIR) to participate in the health fair.  I was honored to meet the two service dogs who represent AIR, Miki the pomeranian (the Eukanuba National Champion of service dogs) and Misha, an old time scotch collie! These were the cutest dogs I have ever met thus far in my life, and I hope that I will see them again sometime on campus in the future. I must say that other Wagner students would be ecstatic to see them again as well. In addition to promoting awareness of mental health, AIR strives to rescue dogs and pair them up with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, or mental disorders and promoting pet therapy as a way to help people who struggle with these conditions.

Meredith and Me holding the dogs
Teammate Meredith Ketchmark and me holding Miki and Misha at the AIR table.
Trisha, Kurt, Miki, and Misha
Founders of AIR, Kurt and Trisha Baker, who came to participate in Wagner's Health Fair with Miki and Misha!

In addition to enjoying the company of two fabulous dogs, I had a lot of fun trying out the various activities when I was relieved from my duties of running the table. One of my favorite activities was the miniature obstacle course.  It was run by the Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness club. Participants had the choice of different types of goggles which mimicked the feeling of being slightly drunk, wasted, or being on a drug. I chose to be "wasted" for the obstacle course. It was funny to go through it with some friends, and I found myself completely incoherent, unable to successfully place a ball inside a cup. Having fun with this activity also taught me to be a responsible person when I become of age to drink, as well as to be careful and take care of friends who do choose to drink beyond their limit.

Trying to find the cones
Trying to find the cones but failing to successfully go around them.

I want to thank all of the clubs and active club members who took their time out of their day to make this event successful. Another thank you goes to Call it a Wrap for providing tasty wraps, smoothies, and salads for everyone, as well as the Vitamin Shoppe.

Most importantly, I would like to acknowledge the people who have held meetings for the past two to three months who helped make this event possible:

Director: Philip Fomina - Pre-Med - '14

Enri Citozi - Pre-Med '14
Mahdey Tallat - Pre-Med '14
Radislav Meylikh - Pre-Dent '14
Gregory Balaes - Pre-Dent '13
Elizabeth Harrington - Nursing '13
Noelle DeNome - Nursing '13
Christina Guerriero - Nursing '13
Stephanie Hopkins - Nursing '13
Ashley Jones - Nursing '13
Marcel Kaganovskaya - Nursing '13

Upper faculty involved:

Dr. Nancy Cherofsky B.S., M.S., FNP
Dr. Nora Lowy Ph.D, MPA PA-C
Dean Patricia Tooker B.S.N., M.S.N., FNP
Linda Morris

For those who missed this event, there will be another one next year, and I hope you won't miss the chance for some fun on the oval!