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5 Simple Keys To A Great Semester

Wagner College is about three weeks into second semester. Now that we are finally settling into our schedules and workload, here are a few tips on how to keep your motivation throughout the rest of  the semester. Make it out alive!


Study shows that college students should be getting at least eight (yes, *8*) hours of sleep a night. But, we all know that's not going to happen. Aim for a solid seven and you should be good to go for the next day. This, instead of pressing the snooze button three times and moping around for the first couple hours of the day.


2. Eat Healthy Foods

There are usually a plethora of fruits and vegetables in our dining hall for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It may seem easy to go to HawksNest and get a chicken d-lite and that is alright once in a while. But eating chicken d-lite for three weeks in a row for two meals a day can really mess up your stomach (speaking from experience). Also, Faiza is famous for making sure people don't waste their swipe and get a few pieces of fruit. Don't make Faiza yell at you and take a banana or two the next time you only get a coffee for breakfast!images

3. Manage Your Time Well

It's too easy to go get dinner at 6:00, then go hang out with your friends until 11:30. Resulting in you totally forgetting to do your homework. Have the strength to tell your friends goodbye for a couple hours and go sit down at the library to get your homework done. Staying on top of your homework will lead to better grades on tests and and ultimately, an impressive final grade.time-management-700-700x411

4. Pay Attention In Class

Depending on the class, one may doze off while the professor is giving a lecture. Or, you may go through all your friends' snapchat stories. Or even talk with your friend the whole class. Again, have the strength to really pay attention in class and take detailed notes that will help you with studying for the next quiz or exam.students-listening

5. Ask For Help 

This is something that students tend to take for granted. Professors have office hours and they are there to help us out if we have any questions. Odds are that your professor told the class their office hours during the first class but you were mentally checked out or zoning out. Check your syllabus for their hours, email them, and go in and clarify anything that you don't understand.



These may seem like common sense, but sometimes it is refreshing to see visuals and have them reiterated to you. With that, I wish you a great second semester and hope you have all the success you put your mind to.