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A Little Reminder: Why I came to Wagner

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You know that dreaded feeling when you go home for break and your parents have the entire extended family over and you just have to mentally prepare yourself for the question. Right? That question that every aunt, uncle, and grandparent will ask without fail is about your non-existent boyfriend, how school is going, or what your favorite class is. In high school, it was always, “So kiddo, did you figure out where you’re going to college yet?” I always wanted to scream back “NO I AM A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL AND MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES.” But I would always kind of shrug, shake my head and say I am still figuring it out. Finally in March of my senior year, I got to say it, I’m leaving for New York City. Then they would ask me what I wanted to study and "gulp"  yeah... I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.

Seen in Washington Sqaure Park
Seen in Washington Square Park

My mom called me last week and started with the typical mom worrying and questioning. She asked me a question that really stumped me; what my favorite moment of college was so far. Simple question, but I hesitated and told her I had to get back to her on that one. Bemusing enough, I realized my favorite moment so far actually took place in the Wagner College campus shuttle. I woke up that Friday morning and decided I was going to go procrastinate life’s responsibilities and wander around Manhattan for the day. So, I grabbed my Starbucks and bagel and hopped aboard the shuttle to the ferry. I was diddling around on my phone for awhile and when we started moving I noticed something. I was on a shuttle with 12 other people and in that little van there were four different languages being spoken. New York City is famous for it’s miscellany but it seemed magical for me to get that on my own little campus. Where else in the world offers the diversity this city does?


It goes without saying Wagner has every kind of person you can imagine, and everyone has their place here. But what makes this campus so fantastical is the way in which things turn here that everyone is somehow connected. My roommate is in nursing, the girls next door are here for the top theater program in the country, and the girls down the hall play D1 soccer. The exchange student from Sweden is best friends with the exchange student from South Africa, the sorority girls are putting on a show teaming up with the drama department. Every type of person from every type of place is here, co-existing, even in our own tiny haven on the top of the hill of One Campus Road here at Wagner College.

This city never lets me forget for a moment why I came here.

I love you, New York.