Beyond NY Lynn Tay

A Loss Full of Gains and Optimism

There is no better feeling than seeing your teammates sweep a swimming event or break a pool record at a rival team's pool. Although the Wagner swimming team (the divers were at Central Connecticut State University this weekend for their diving meet) had another loss at 151-111, we have seen some great times and races so far this season.

Team Meeting
Team pow-wow

With only a two-day rest after five long weeks of training at 6:30 a.m. every day, we had two freshmen set pool records while taking first for Wagner. Amanda Lucia set the pool record at Bryant University with a 2:07.57 in the 200 yard butterfly. Kara Lacoste swept the 200 yard individual medley and beat the pool record at a 2:11.76, about a second and a half faster than the record set two years ago. These were two of a few great wins at the meet this Saturday.

During the whole meet, girls lined the sides of the pool. As soon as the starter set the girls off the blocks, cheering filled the air surrounding the pool deck. The atmosphere was heated from the beginning to the end. Over these past few months, I feel that our team has grown closer than ever before. We are always there to support each other, and although we lost this meet, we came out of the pool with our chins held high. All of us did well at this meet, and most importantly, we never gave up. Even though we were behind early on in the meet, we still kept our spirits up and swam our hardest.

This was a meet with a loss, but our team took away some great wins and optimistic attitudes. I know we are all ready to get back to another cycle of hard training and to take a win at the end of this season. Let's go Wagner!