Beyond NY Lynn Tay

A Sunny Day Is a Happy Day

Greetings from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! The past three days have been sunny and warm here, which makes every day a beautiful day despite all of the early morning practices followed by grueling afternoon practices we have had upon arrival here.  Our hotel is only a hop, skip, and a step away from the gorgeous sandy beach of Lauderdale.  The beach calls us from our rooms as soon as we come back from morning practice, and our team can be found tanning, making sandcastles, or splashing around in the ocean water every afternoon.

Entry to the Beach
Our walkway to the beach.

The Wagner swimming and diving team has been working hard, but we also have been having a lot of fun and becoming even closer as teammates.  Last night, the father of one of our teammates treated the whole team to a splendid hibachi dinner at Benihana.

This particular restaurant was located on the waterfront, and we took a team picture as the sun was setting.  The pictures turned out beautifully and it was definitely a night to remember.

The Swimming and Diving Team
The Wagner Swimming and Diving team at the restaurant!
Johnny Our Chef
Johnny, Our Chef

Our team took up an entire section of the restaurant.  We were all mesmerized by the skills of our chefs as they cooked our meals in front of us.  My table's chef was Johnny.  He was a funny guy and kept telling jokes all throughout the meal.  Our table could not stop laughing at his witty jokes.

It is a very nice change to have the sun shining every day and walk around in flip flops and shorts all day long.  The sun has really lifted our spirits and lightened the mood and helped keep our spirits up during the long hours of practice we have every day.  I feel like I am at home here, thanks to the sunlight and laid-back mood of the place. We are already halfway done with our trip here in Florida, and I am not excited to go back to the cold of New York.  I will make sure that I make every sunny day a happy day.

The Beach
A sunny day looks like this here. It really warms the heart.