Morgan Riddle On campus The Freshman Experience

Adjusting to Dorm Life

Before I came to college, I worried about the normal things. Freshman 15, making deans list, making new friends. But hands down, no doubt in my mind, the thing I worried most about was the idea of living with the entire Freshman class... What do you mean I have to wear shoes in the shower?! Now, I have younger siblings. It’s not like my house was always in cricket silence and I had my own sanctuary of privateness- but the idea of living 24/7 with rowdy college boys and girls who sing (loudly) in the shower, really freaked me out.

In hindsight, I was overthinking things. And shockingly enough I actually love living with so many people around. I’ve always been a people person, and part of the reason I moved to the city was because I love the crowdedness. In high school, making plans with friends was often a train wreck of confusing group chats, trying to make everyones schedules work, and having to drive 20 minutes to the suburbs where all my friends lived. Here, I walk across the hall and poof-- there they are. There they are for movie night, dinner, going into the city, helping me with homework, and just to stop in and say hello. 

There are, however, some absolute essentials to consider when adjusting to dorm life, and when thinking about what you need to bring to college if you’re living on campus.

Here are my top four things I couldn’t live without:

  1. Shower shoes

This is an absolute must. Although the showers are cleaned daily, you have no idea what sort of yuckies are living on peoples feet. Gross to think about yes, but necessary to consider. Just invest in a $3 pair at Old Navy.

2. Brita Water Filter

It is so so so important to stay hydrated in college! Late nights, and salty snacks will drain your body faster than you can believe. Paying attention in class is not easy when you’re dehydrated and sleepy.

3. Vitamin C drops, DayQuil, Advil, Pepto...

COME PREPARED. Your little Freshman immune system, I promise you, is not prepared for what the first month of college will do to you. By the time Fall Break rolled around, and the late night weekends, and late night studying caught up to them; a combination of stomach bugs, and colds just about wiped out the entire population of Wagner Freshman. When doing dorm shopping throw in a mini-medicine cabinet.

4. Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Cliff bars, Apple Sauce, and Chobani Flip Cups galore! I’ve always been the type of person who has to eat consistently throughout the day, and with only three meal swipes snacking is a must. My roommate and I will drive to the Richmond Ave. target or the Olive Place Market down the hill, and pick up yummies for the week to grab on the way to class! We once had seventeen cups of yogurt in our fridge and they were gone in a week.

I’m not saying it’s all great though. Yes, sometimes people play their music too loud. I miss having a blender, bubble baths, and my mom taking care of me when I’m sick. (S/O to my friends for picking me up DayQuil though). However, ask any adult and you’re more than likely to hear some of their best and longest friends they met in their Freshman Residence Hall their first year of college. You most likely will never again in your life will you be living in a community like this, with so many people with the same dreams and aspirations as you. Everyone has fears in college and everyone gets homesick, but we’re all here for the same purpose.