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Admitted Students Day: Study Abroad Panel

Milan, Italy

On Saturday, April 6, Wagner College had its annual Admitted Students Day. We welcomed students from a wide range of places; one even had Guatemalan descent like me! This day was dedicated to all those students who have gotten an acceptance letter from Wagner College, and they were welcomed to spend the day on our campus. Admitted students began their day with a nice brunch at our dining hall, which was accompanied by a welcoming speech from President Guarasci. After this, the admitted students were split into groups, each to different panels around campus.

Grenada, Spain

I had the pleasure of being part of the Study Abroad panel, and we welcomed two different groups into the conference room to talk about our experiences. I have not really gone abroad with Wagner College, but by being an international student I guess I am studying abroad. I provided the view of someone who is not from this culture and how I adapted to it, and how I am really happy with it. Along with me were four more students, each of whom have been abroad at some point with Wagner College. One of the students went to Costa Rica, another went to Spain, and another to Jerusalem. The fourth student was actually skyping in from Morocco — he is currently studying abroad in Milan, but went for a holiday in Morocco.


As each of us talked about our experiences, we all gave insights into what Wagner does to keep students happy, even if they are on the other side of the planet. We talked a lot about the amount of care Wagner takes with students. Veronica, the student who went to Jerusalem, spent some of her days in a war. This truly was a horrifying event, but she said that Wagner stood by her side. In fact, according to Veronica, none of the other students' colleges contacted them to see if they were okay; only Wagner did. We were ready to fly Veronica out of Jerusalem and bring her back to America if anything went wrong.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Including a student who is currently studying abroad was a great touch for the panel. It made the panel feel real. Both Chris, the student who is studying in Milan, and I could provide good examples of how we both love being abroad. Studying abroad is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone and to anyone that wants to learn more about the world.

Now I leave you with a little video called "Be Part of Wagner" — you might recognize several faces! And welcome to Wagner College!