All Aboard for Sandboarding!

This was one of the best impulse purchases in my entire life. I decided to embark on this adventure less than 24 hours before it took place with people that I did not know, in a country whose language I did not understand. I now fully understand what it means to trust your instincts because most of the time they're right!

For anyone who does not  know what Sandboarding is, first off, you're missing out. Secondly, I can explain it with one simple image shift: Think of snowboarding, except instead of a mountain covered in snow, you're riding down a mountain made of sand. And man are you flying! The 30 seconds of pure adrenaline is worth the 10 minute thigh burning hike back up the mountain so you can zoom back down. For snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders, long boarders, and non-boarders, I highly recommend giving sandboarding a go. Find a board, find a sand dune, and ride the sandy wave!


Author: Celeste Marie Gagnon

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