Beyond NY Lynn Tay

An Exciting Fall Break

This fall break was a very eventful one compared to last year. I had my first swim meet of the season, then went to visit my younger sister in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Our first meet of the season was full of spirit and close races. Although we lost the meet, we were able to see how much stronger we have become as swimmers and as a team. We swam against CW Post at their pool on Long Island Saturday afternoon. Our cheers and shouts of encouragement to teammates filled the air around the pool, and the Wagner Seahawk team spirit was well-represented at the meet.  It was definitely a strong start for our team. Our next meet is this Saturday in Vermont, so keep posted for the results of that meet!

Team Huddle
Team huddle!

Upon returning to my room early that evening, I packed up my belongings to go visit my sister, Leslie, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Leslie is a year younger than me and is currently a freshman in college. I have not seen her for four months now due to my study abroad trip all summer long. I had a wonderful time being reunited with her for two and a half days that went by too fast for my taste.

Leslie and Me
My sister (on left) and me (on right) on the bus together with our college IDs on the way back to her dorm. 🙂

I found it interesting to see how my sister has been faring during her first two months of college. I saw the similarities in our college experiences of trying to fit in as freshmen and adjusting to the cold weather of the east coast (we both have been raised in sunny California, so the weather is definitely a shocker). During my trip in Pennsylvania, I must say that I was envious that their trees have already started changing colors. Many of the trees had vibrant red-colored leaves, which were absolutely breath-taking to see.

Changing Trees
The colored trees in Pittsburgh

Visiting my sister over fall break was absolutely wonderful. I am glad that I was able to meet many of her friends and see her settling nicely at her school. My fall break went by too quickly, but I am glad that I was able to spend it with my wonderful teammates and my younger sister!