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Balancing Break and Finals

You’ve taken the test, you’ve written the essays, and now you are ready to eat. A full five-day break filled with family, friends, and — most importantly — food. While this holiday has a long and tragic history, we can be thankful for this small break before the horror that is finals. Even though we have this blissful break, we, as students, still cannot escape the upcoming finals. So, how do you balance having fun and enjoying break with finals? These are my guidelines.

  1. Schedule your time efficiently. The same way you are scheduling plans to see friends you have not seen in months or family you have not seen in a year, schedule time for studying. It is just as important as seeing your loved ones, and future you will be grateful when you are not crying and cramming during reading days. Schedule it during times when you would not be spending quality time with people, such as an hour in the morning or evenings dedicated to preparing for finals.
  2. Make studying a priority! So you’ve scheduled time, but how do you actually stick to that schedule and actually study? You have to prioritize and not blow it off. The more you blow it off for “later,” the more likely you’ll end up stressed. Also, when you have any long periods of free time, spend it studying or preparing for finals. You know those hours many of us have to spend traveling home? Work on that final paper or study the notes from the one chapter you did not pay enough attention to. Waiting for the turkey to be done? Study with flashcards. Those moments are crucial because you are being productive. Later, when you are busy, you will not be worried about finals.

These tips may seem simple; however, it is amazing how many students are unable to balance their school work with their personal life. I am excited to be going home for the first time this semester, but I will not let that stop me from preparing for finals. We have all worked so hard this semester. Now let’s finish with a bang and crush these finals!