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Bands, Brands, and the Wagner Plan

Now that I have really gotten into the groove of my job, I want to update you on what type of work I have been doing. The past few months have really allowed me to learn and grow, and I am more confident than ever that Wagner and this internship have prepared me well for what lies ahead.

Doug commute
Here I am talking with Anna Mulé near Rockefeller Center, right across the street from my building.

I work for Warner Music in the field of Brand Partnerships and Licensing. This may sound really confusing, but it actually is an incredibly engaging field that I have a lot of interest in. What that entails exactly is finding different brands to partner our artists with. If a company like Coca-Cola wants their brand to be paired with an artist or song that works with the brand’s image and personality, we find the artists that are the best match and set up a partnership. An example of this is a Hyundai commercial that the department I work in got paired with the Flaming Lips. Check out the link below:


I find it fascinating that by bringing in artistic personalities, it can really help make a brand such as Hyundai more approachable and memorable. This is one example of the types of things we do, but it has been really great to see the finished products of things I am working on. It shows that doing an internship isn’t just about getting credits and doing the hours. Over the past couple of months I have developed a real understanding of the work and how hard the team works.

6 Ave
A view down Avenue of the Americas, where I spent most of this semester

There are a lot of fun times as well. I have gotten to attend meetings at agencies, go to record release parties for pop duo Tegan & Sara and the Flaming Lips, and this week I am going to help out with a Michael Buble event downtown. These are a lot of fun and let me gain exposure to some really important people who work in the field. I also get to listen to a lot of music that I may not have discovered on my own, which is really exciting. Overall this has been a great experience and I am sad it has to end. I highly recommend going out there and exploring opportunities that you may be interested in.

I have found this semester that if you work hard, keep striving, and open your mind, you can learn a lot and really be a part of the city and the incredible opportunities it holds! This is what the Wagner Plan is all about, and it is just as effective as any classroom.

Also, check out a few clips of my trip in this great video by  Anna Mulé, the director of digital and social media at Wagner College.

Talk soon Seahawks!