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Big Name Act Recap

Bright lights, great music, high energy: that just about sums up Wagner's Big Name Act this past weekend.

This year, we were lucky enough to party with two NYC locals, KapSlap and Adrian Lux, along with special guest Space Kadets to warm up the crowd early in the night.

KapSlap stage
KapSlap pumping up the crowd

When KapSlap came on stage, the crowd went nuts. The energy the recent college graduate brought to the crowd was everything students wanted.

Known for his mash-ups of Top 40 hits and high energy electronic songs, KapSlap had the crowd singing along and raging throughout his hour and a half long set. He had water bottles dousing the crowd and at the end of all of it, he jumped right into the crowd for a little crowd surfing before he signed off for the night.

kapslap selfie
Post-Set Selfies!
Credit: Lauren Tempesta

Once he was done, he came down to the front row of the crowd and took pictures with just about everyone which was memorable for a lot of students. SGA, please get him back next year!

After a tough act to follow, Adrian Lux took the stage. Living up to his reputation, he dropped a lot of his singles like "Wild Child" and "Teenage Crime" which the crowd knew well and was singing along and raging to.

Adrian Lux
Adrian Lux live on stage
Credit: Jackie Menna



In a sense you could say he played more of a traditional DJ set with less Top 40 Mash-ups and more pure electronic tracks. When the night was done for him, he came front row and took plenty of #selfies with his devoted fans.

All in all, I strongly believe this was the best Big Name Act yet and should be repeated to the same degree next year. Also, if you have the chance to see KapSlap or Adrian Lux live, you should make it happen.


I was lucky enough to get a quick interview with KapSlap before he went on...Check it out below!

What's your favorite thing about NYC?

Tough to pick one, but I'd say the amount of people you meet. The different DJ's you can run into at Lavo or Marquee really makes for great networking.

What was it like to be touring at the same time as completing college?

Oh gosh, it was hard, it was tough, not going to lie. I had Friday and Saturday to go do shows somewhere, Sunday come back, Monday take a test you know? Tuesday, Wednesday library, Thursday hang out with my friends, Friday and Saturday shows again, it was tough. I got my degree though, finished that and it feels great.

How did you get into DJ'ing and producing?

I started for fun in sophomore year (of college) around 2010 or so, just messing around on GarageBand and it escalated from there. I transitioned to Ableton Live, been using that ever since, and it just blew up! It started as something for fun and now I'm doing it as a job. Couldn't have anything better.

What's your favorite drink?

(Thinking and debating...) I'd have to say Jack and Coke. It's a classic and you can't go wrong with it.

Where did the name "KapSlap" come from?

The classic question. (laughs) Basically, you take a funnel of beer and once you finish that someone pours in a shot of 151 and that's the slap in the face


Check out KapSlap on his SoundCloud

Check out Adrian Lux on his SoundCloud