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Broadway on a Budget

One of the many perks of going to school in NYC is the fact that you're less than an hour away from any Broadway show! However, Broadway is EXPENSIVE. Many popular shows will have you paying AT LEAST $100 for a nose-bleed seat. I don't know about you, but if I'm a college student paying for college as well as a social life. I don't have $100+ just laying around. BUT! There is hope! I have some methods for you to see Broadway on a Budget!

image'Rush' Tickets 

Many broadway shows offer something called 'Rush Tickets.' If you are unfamiliar, they are tickets that are sold the day of a performance from the box office.


  • The tickets are never over $40, and are often less!
  • You can get really good seats the day of, depending on the show.


  • Sometimes they run out of rush tickets.
  • Some shows may have designated partial view seats for rush.
  • The lines may be long, depending on the show and season.
  • Not all shows offer this awesome opportunity.

A great resource for a list of shows with rushing as well as the prices and policies of student rushing, see BroadwaySpotted.Com


You know those big red steps in Times Square? Did you know they're not just there as another tourist attraction? They house TKTS Discount Booth, which sells Broadway and off-Broadway tickets the day of a performance for up to 50% off.


  • You're getting a 50% off discount a Broadway ticket price!
  • There are many options for seating
  • You can see most shows spur of the moment
  • You can get discounted tickets up to a few hours before a show


  • Not all shows sell tickets through TKTS
  • It can still be expensive if you want top-notch seats
  • The lines can be long, as it IS Times Square.

For more information as well as a listing of what shows will be sold on any given night, check out the TKTS website.

20120118-_MG_3213Wagner Discount Tickets

Each month, the Office of Co-Curricular Programs sells tickets to a particular Broadway show for over 50% off the original price.


  • Super cheap tickets!
  • Hit Broadway show tickets are sold that aren't available from Rush or TKTS.
  • You get to have the ticket in advance.
  • You get to see a show with a bunch of friends without worrying about someone not getting a ticket.


  • Not every show you want to see will be offered.
  • The tickets are usually grouped so seating is limited.
  • The tickets are usually for a school night.

So there you have it! Three AWESOMELY thrifty ways to see a Broadway show! Take a risk and visit the stage door while you're at it!