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Coffee Off Campus: 4 Cups on Staten Island

As a college student, you learn to cope with long days in various ways. Mine... a cup of coffee... more than once a day. Living on campus at Wagner gives you access to Starbucks in both Union and Foundation. However, it is sometimes nice (and much needed) to get off campus for a little while. Whether it is coffee or a bite to eat, these four places can offer the average college student a place to escape the campus bubble.

  1. The Mustard Seed Cafe
The Mustard Seed Cafe

This quickly became one of my favorite places because of its warm welcoming vibes. Coffee, food, some holistic merchandise, and a very calm place to do work. What more can you ask for?

Recommendation: While I am usually a black coffee drinker, their cinnamon latte may have changed my mind.

2. Fab Cup

Fab Cup Coffee Shop

This spunky entrance opens up into a wide variety of coffees, smoothies, and a multitude of good eats.

Recommendation: Cafe Mocha

3. Beans and Leaves

Beans and Leaves- Coffee & Tea Cafe

If you are an adventurous person, Beans and Leaves is your place. From crazy waffle creations to the flavor of the day, this small shop has something for everyone.

Recommendation: Try something you wouldn’t normally get. Live your coffee and breakfast life on the edge!

4. Project Brunch

Project Brunch

Project Brunch is great for a sit-down meal or a takeaway coffee. But no matter what time of day, you may be tempted to try one of their blended coffees.

Recommendation: Frozen Coffee