Wagner-filled weekend
Lynn Tay On campus

Dancing, Singing, and Cheering — both in and out of the water

This weekend was a jam-packed weekend for me! I have not danced, cheered, and sang this much in two days for a very long time. I showed a lot of school spirit this week and it was a weekend I will not forget anytime soon.

Saturday night I attended an event called Songfest. Songfest is a dancing and singing competition for organizations on campus who compete for the top three spots for the best performance of the night. It was an evening full of spirit, music, cheering, singing, and dancing.  My fellow HawkTalker, Christian Grotewold, as well as some teammates and friends of mine, braved the stage last night and put on memorable performances.

Every year, there is a theme for the show. This year's theme was "I wish..." The top three winners of this year's show were Alpha Omicron Pi (1st place), Alpha Delta Pi (2nd place), and Tau Kappa Epsilon (3rd).

Songfest program
Songfest program

The Spiro gym's atmosphere was charged with full-hearted support from friends. I loved the song choices of all of the organizations that participated.  From all of the performances, I saw that all of the performers had a lot of fun working on their dances.  I also saw how all of their rehearsals brought them closer as a team, and they all had made incredible memories from this night and all of the time they took to practice their numbers. Their hard work was paid off because the crowd went wild for each and every organization. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed watching from the stands. Watching all of the dancing made me want to get up and dance with them.

Following this exciting night, my Sunday was full of shouting and cheering on the pool deck. The Wagner water polo team had their senior night today and played against Marist.  It was an important game, and the Wagner water polo team pulled a win during overtime. Wagner fans came out to support our amazing water polo team. All of the attendees were on their feet, encouraging and cheering on our team from start to finish. Their championships are coming up in two weeks, and I wish the Wagner water polo team all the best!