Christian Grotewold


Matty Hess rocks his Hawaiian shirt.

I was sold for $35. Theta Chi Fraternity held its famously known brother auction "Date-A-Chi" last Thursday, and every single brother was sold for a reasonable amount of money. This event is not exactly what you think, but at the same time it is. During this event, all of the brothers must go one by one, strut around all the participants to a tune of their choice and offer something. Most brothers offer a nice dinner out in the city, others simply give out roses to whoever bids the highest — it all depends on the preferences of each. After all of the brothers have been sold, all the participants are invited to hang out for the rest of the evening with all of us.

The performances of each brother went from simply singing a cappella in front of everyone to stripping (partially!). But the performance was not the only thing that had to be accounted for; what they had to offer was what really raised the bid of each. We all had different things to offer whoever won the bid. One of the brothers offered to match every dollar that was bid on him and donate it to breast cancer research. Another brother offered both a movie and dinner at Times Square. There was even one who offered a Luau at the Oval.

Giving the audience a little striptease

All the money made during Date-A-Chi goes towards helping one of our recently graduated alumnus, who is part of the Peace Corps and will be helping out in Kenya. Apart from the money that was raised by the specific brother for breast cancer research, all the money will be going towards our brother's Kenya trip.

Date-A-Chi was a huge success! We all had a great time during and after the event. Our next event will be held this Thursday — it will be a Masquerade! Stay tuned for the inside scoop.