Cameron Haffner Part of NYC The Freshman Experience

Dog Day Afternoon

I am a man of simple things. And also complex things depending on the subject matter. So perhaps I'm a man of simple and complex things. Or maybe things that are simple at first but are more complex once you're more familiar with them. Or even things- alright let me start over.

I am a man of many things. Things like-

"Nope. Try again."

Okay, fine. I am a man of simple pleasures. Simple pleasures like drinking a purely organic fruit smoothie on a sunny day. Simple pleasures like getting an A on a math test. Simple pleasures like walking into a movie I know absolutely nothing about and falling in love with it. And even more simpler pleasures like talking to an old friend.

So rather than spending this blog post to discuss my masculinity and what kind of man I am, I'd like to shift my focus over to the idea of friends. More specifically, man's best friend!

"You mean, Netflix?"

A reliable friend though and through

No, silly reader. I am talking about the most primal friend of them all. Yes, that's right. The almighty dog.

I am grateful for many things in this life. But dogs most certainly earn my timeless gratitude. And the rest of New York seems to share in this puppy love as well.

For it was only two weeks ago when I was walking through East Village that I stumbled upon the 24th annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade.

Plenty pooches and puppies covered the entire perimeter of the park, each one dressed in a unique festive costume. It was surely one of the more magical moments of my life. And I give that statement plenty weight. I had discovered a sanctuary where me and many other New Yorkers could share in our simple pleasures of admiring a dog in costume. These pleasures came in many shapes and sizes such as with-

Lobster Pug! He's gettin' a bit snappy with another dog
This one is self explanatory


Stick Butter Dog! A personal favorite
Jurassic Bark! Diggin' up fossil bones and such













Banana Dogs! They share the same peel
The Flash Dog! He has his own show on CW
GODZILLA PUG! His face will destroy you






Queen Scruff Pup! Bow down


















Some of you may be wondering why Cameron has decided to dedicate this entire post to pictures of dogs in costumes and how that has anything to do with anything.

Well, folks, let me just say that the mere fact that I was able to walk around in New York and find a dog parade goes to show that New York is a wondrous, adventurous place full of many unique spots with special events happening all the time. There's a community for basically anyone in New York, whether you're a dog lover, cat lover, or dumpling lover.

And if there's anything that I enjoy most, it's discovering the simple pleasures that lie within the great city of New York.

Such as a dog dressed up as a stick of butter.