Carrie Holt Part of NYC

Eat Your Heart Out

I believe that there is no better way to explore a city than by taking advantage of the food offered there. New York City has more food options than anywhere else. You can literally taste cuisines from all over the world in just a few blocks. There are even innovative fusions and new foods to try (burgushi... yup). I know what you might be thinking... but I am a poor college student. How can I be a foodie? I'M GOING TO TELL YOU. Here are some tips and tricks to taking advantage of all NYC food has to offer.


Of course there's an app...

You're out and about, exploring this beautiful city and you start to get hungry. Rather than stepping into the first pizza joint or chain restaurant you see, get out your phone and check out what's nearby. Yelp and Urbanspoon are popular choices. You can filter your options by selecting a certain price range and/or cuisine. Check out the ratings and go! It's easier and you will end up trying something that you might not have been drawn to at first from the outside or even found.


blogs, blogs and more blogs

Blogs are so helpful when it comes to finding good food. All I have to search is "Best Burgers in the Lower East Side" and bam! I have a top 10 list. Or if you want something you can't even think of, look up "Must Try Restaurants in NYC." Lists are in right now, and people are making them about food! Low key blogs are also nice because they can include places that aren't super high end. You can search for as broad as "Best Restaurants NYC" or as specific as "Best Ice Cream in Greenwich Village" or "Best Restaurant for a Date in NYC."


don't judge a book by its cover

Sometimes you will find yourself directed to the weirdest of places or put in a position to try the weirdest of foods. Go in anyway. Try it anyway. Seriously, this is the time to have adventures and try new things so don't back down now! While waiting to see a concert, I googled "Best Restaurants Lower East Side" and someone recommended this hole in the wall place for delicious dumplings and peanut butter noodles for super cheap. Obviously, I was all about that. I show up and it looked terrifying. I thought, "It's now or never, Carrie. For dumplings and adventure, I am going in." I had 8 delicious dumplings and a giant plate of peanut butter noodles for $4... my life was changed.


try something new!

In New York City, we have access to every kind of food. It would be a shame to take it for granted. That being said, try new things! Food is the easiest way to be adventurous. So you've never tried a deep fried jalapeno pepper? Well, now's your chance!  Also, trying something once and not liking it is not excuse to not try it again. Your taste buds are continually fluctuating with time so you might like it now! It's time to explore this city through food. Let's eat!