El ultimo/the last one!! See you later Peru!!

During my weeks in Peru I learned many things and made such great friends. I had such a good experience learning about my own culture on my own and have so much more to appreciate the wonderful landscape as well as the people. Through CIS abroad, I had many advantages and opportunities to enjoy certain areas I had never been to. My teachers did such a good job to make me understand clearly, and I do feel that I've reached my goals that I had from the beginning:

One: to improve my Spanish, including the grammatical portion of it.

Two: learn more about the Incas and my culture.

Besides all of that, I definitely packed a little of Peru with me, with their delicious chocolate and stupendous coffee. Overall I honestly can't wait till next time!! As my last blog and as the summer comes to an end I'd like to thank everyone who has followed me in this journey. And, well, off to my third year at Wagner!!!

Author: vanessa.ayllon

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