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My Experience: Greek Life and Songfest

There were a million things that went through my head first semester when someone asked me if I was planning on joining greek life. At that point, my standing knowledge of sororities came solely from the movie House Bunny, a heartfelt comedy of a relatively vapid girl finding her family in a sorority of misfits. However, a ton of my friends from high school had joined sororities their first semester and absolutely raved about how much they loved it and how it had completely changed college for them. So come spring semester my best friend and I decided to go through recruitment. At the start of the week I was still a bit uneasy about the whole thing.

Anddddd then I fell in love. 

My friends from high school said joining their organizations was a feeling that they’d never felt before and couldn’t explain. One of them described it to me as “from the inside looking out, you can never explain it; from the outside looking in, you can never understand it.” And I absolutely didn’t understand it until I ran up those stairs on bid day into the arms of the girls that I knew would be my best friends, my future bridesmaids, and of course, my sisters.

Two months later I was officially initiated into the chapter and became a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Shortly following that was the most competitive and largest greek life event: Songfest. Songfest is a dancing and lip synching competition where competitors choreograph their own dances and create their own musical mixes. Each organization has a theme that follows a prompt created by the WagCAB board, this years being a tribute to _____.

Each participating organization spends the weeks leading up to songfest staying up until the middle of the night practicing, rehearsing, and rerunning dances for one of the greatest nights of the year in greek life. I'd been involved in competitive sports and such when I was younger, but I never would have believed how aggressive a lip synching competition can become. Performances ran through the night of April 2nd ending with the awards ceremony. 

Second place went to Alpha Omicron Pi who performed a tribute to American Troops.

For the second year in a row, Alpha Delta Pi received first place with a tribute to the VMA's, featuring performances inspired by the most famous videos and VMA shows of all time.