Ally DeForge On campus The Freshman Experience

Favorite Study Spots

To say that you’ll spend a lot of time studying in college would be an understatement. The library and I have become best friends. That being said, Wagner College is a seriously beautiful campus and there are so many calm, cute places to write a paper, study before an exam, or finish up a few math problems! Here are some of the places you’ll catch students hittin’ the books around campus!

Your dorm!  - It might not be the best place to study for everyone, but for me, there is nothing better than snuggling up in bed and finishing up my work!

The common room on your floor!Not only can you cozy up on a couch, but you get to talk to the people you live with. A lot of the time, they are totally willing to help you out with studying. And, you get an awesome view like this!

On the OvalThere is nothing better here at Wagner than oval days (a.k.a- days we spend outside chilling on the oval). You get to enjoy the fresh air, soak up some sunshine, and take in the view of Main Hall.

Cozy up on a bench - I like to sit on the benches around campus, you can find them everywhere. They’re perfect to do some reading on! You get to enjoy the sunshine and it definitely sparks some fun conversations with friends when they pass you! Best of all, it is for sure a cute spot to take a pic for your snapchat story.

The tables outside Union - This is my favorite spot to work on essays when I need a break from the library. You can snack on some food from Hawks and enjoy the weather. I spend a lot of time editing essays out here! I find that by re-reading my work in a different spot or environment, it is easier to catch the mistakes I made.

The tables inside Union When it’s too chilly to be outside, the tables inside union are the next best option. There are windows everywhere so you get to feel like you’re outside while reaping the benefit of much comfier chairs!

In the dining hallYou can do work while you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And, you get to stare out at the amazing view. Just like they say, you won’t do any good work on an empty stomach. So, you can fill up on food (or thinking fuel as my grandma calls it) and finish up your work refueled and ready to go. You definitely can’t beat it!

Finally, my all time favorite spot….

The study cubbies in between book shelves in our libraryThis is the best place to get literally any kind of work done. There is nothing to distract you and you feel like you’re in your own little world.

Hope you guys enjoy my favorite study spots as much as I do!