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Finding Your Fit

Hi guys!

I've mentioned in my first post that you and I are very similar--in the context that you are trying to find a college that fits you and I am trying to find a law school that fits me.  When I was a junior and senior in high school, I never looked for schools that fit me.  I was a basketball player.  Because of that, schools were looking for me and asking me to come and play for them.  IMG_2490I guess you can say I was spoiled because the whole college process was done for me.  I never realized how hard it was to find a school that is suits your liking--so I feel  your pain.  There's so many questions that go through my mind as I look for law schools.  Some questions are serious, like whether I feel like I can contribute to this school?  What's the school environment like?  Other questions are silly, like can I see myself living somewhere where it's hot all year round?  Is there a Chipotle near by?  Do I want to live in the same state where there are avid Miami Heat fans walking down the street?  There's a million questions that go through my head when applying to certain law schools, and I'm sure you have the same problem too.

Wagner is small and comfortable.  Friendly and supportive.  Close to home and beautiful.  Wagner is everything I wanted for an undergraduate school.  However, I've decided that I need a Wagner opposite.  I need to enjoy both worlds of "college"--though I won't be enjoying many things in law school.  I've decided it is important for me to go big and far.  IMG_1861My family is literally an hour away and whenever I needed my uggs, my medicine, or a home cooked meal, they were willing to make that drive to make me happy.  It was too easy!  Sometimes, when basketball was getting tough and stressful, I would start crying on the phone because I knew it would make my parents feel bad which would then force them to pay me a visit and take me out to dinner.  It rarely worked though!  My parents have thick skin.

I need to step outside my comfort zone of what is normal to me.  Everything has always come so effortless to me.  Don't get me wrong...I work hard and I deserve everything that I currently have.  However, basketball is the most challenging thing at Wagner for me.  I've told you that from the time I was young, getting A's was a must do in my household.  My parents demanded it so much that it became a habit to me.  Wagner was so good to me, and it should be that way because I was good to Wagner.  But not much has happened here that made me upset (beside basketball) or made me feel uncomfortable (again, besides basketball).  Even when school wasn't going as I planned, I always found a way around my difficulties to get that A by the end of the semester.

In finding a school for the next 3 years (4 years for you), think "happiness."  Don't let your parents influence your decision too much, or your friends, or your dog, or anyone other than YOU.  At the end of the day, it iIMG_6944s you who will spend the next few years at your desired college.  Realize what you want.  Do you want a big sports school?  If you don't like sports, would you prefer a theater school?  If you like both, why don't you go to school that appreciates both sports and theatre?  If you're not a fan of both, how about a school by the beach?  Do you like nature and space?  Or, would you prefer an urban area with a mall down the street?  This is a time to dictate what makes you happy.  As you do that, you will learn more and more about yourself.  You will be able to distinguish where you fall in line.  Deciding what fits you is not only important in choosing a college (law school for me), but is also one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.  It is the first step you are taking as a young adult that will impact the many more steps that will follow.  Make it a good one!

Ugo 🙂