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Following Up On New Years Resolutions

Hey there all you humans! I would like to welcome you all back to another new semester here at little ol' Wagner. With all your new classes, new daily schedule, new Netflix Instant movies, and new experiences ahead for you, you'll be sure to make this year a step up from all the rest. After all, it is a new year. But is it a new you?

New me?


Cliche aside, its true that we do ask ourselves this relevant question at the turning of every new year. Unfortunately we're not perfect beings (except for me because I'm a cyborg) and we all wish to improve upon ourselves. You may wish to make more time to write letters, read a book, or exercise. You may wish you were more committed to your studies. You may wish you had more friends. You may wish you wouldn't step on trails of ants because they have feelings too? You may just wish you were an overall better person. Whatever it is, we all have these little wishes we have for ourselves. And every December 31st at midnight, on the anniversary of Troy and Gabriella meeting at the ski lodge, we churn these wishes into New Years resolutions for ourselves.

Nine year anniversary!


Well folks, now that we've sailed past our New Years celebrations, we gotta start asking ourselves- how are those resolutions coming? Now I don't necessarily know you. Unless I do know you. Maybe we've had kale smoothies on my patio before, I don't know. But what I do know is that you most likely haven't been following up on all those personal goals you set for yourself earlier this year. This isn't surprising, of course, since only 0.0034% of people actually follow up on their New Years resolutions. Don't ask me how I calculated that.

Why must we always lose sight of accomplishing our goals over periods of time? Why does our previous new years resolutions always end up being the same every year? What causes us to get lazy and lose track halfway down the line?

"Well but Cameron, you see, I am a very busy person. I have classes all day from 8AM to 6PM and then a vocal lesson right afterwards. But first, I usually have to play a game of Trivia Crack since that's like pretty important right? Plus I also call my mom every day and I'm also in a rock band and-"








^This is what Cameron feels about all of that. Okay, yeah, we get it. You have a busy schedule and you do many things. But hey, so does Demi Lovato, and she still makes time to exercise and read books and what not. So the point is, friends, is that you have to stop making excuses for yourselves and start making promises.

Do you have a two hour break until your 6:10 class? Great. Utilize that time to do your taxes, go on a run, or begin writing the first drafts of your soon to be novel.

Your friends invite you out to get fro yo with them for the third time that week? Take a rain check and finish writing that eleven-page essay that everyone in your class is waiting to write on the night before its due.

Naturally, college students have terrible time-management skills, which is understandable since we are almost always dealing with lots of stuff other than academics. The key is to find the balance in your own personal schedule. We all have fairly intimidating schedules, but we can always find some free time to reflect and work toward improving ourselves. I mean if we're not taking the time to improve ourselves, how can we improve others?

Starting with the man in the mirror


Whatever you need to do, whether it's utilizing the small amount of free time you have or making certain sacrifices or trade-offs, there's a way to make time for yourself. And if you stay committed for long enough, maybe you'll eventually run out of new years resolutions and become perfect like me.