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So I was giving a tour yesterday morning, and as I was answering the families’ questions, I thought about all of the things I wondered before I came to college and thought I'd share some of the more frequently asked questions that I get from perspective students and their parents.

Are the floors in Harborview coed?

Yes. Most of the floors in Harborview are coed but there are some floors that are not. On the floors that are, guys and girls are separated on different sides of the building with the common room in the middle. This way, the bathrooms that are on either side of the building are not coed.

Can I have my car on campus?

Yes. Everyone is allowed to have a car on campus although Wagner does not encourage it. Unlike most other colleges, Wagner does not charge a fee for bringing your car to campus, it just has to be registered with Public Safety for you to get your parking sticker.

How easy is it to get into Manhattan?

Very! There are shuttles every half hour that go to and from Wagner and the Staten Island Ferry. The shuttle is free for all Wagner students, facility, and guests, and takes less than 10 minutes. From there the ferry takes about 25 minutes and takes you to the southern tip of Manhattan. After that, it’s all up to you, so have fun!

Where can I get my coffee fix?

All over campus! Even being a smaller campus, we have two Starbucks and the Coffeehouse. One Starbucks is in the Hawk’s Nest, in the Union, and the other one is in Foundation Hall, which is the upperclassmen residence hall. The Coffeehouse is your nighttime option, being open from 6pm to 12am during the week, and 8pm to 2am on the weekend. There is also a large variety of different coffees available in the dining hall during all meal times.

What classes do I take for my first semester of freshman year?

Mixed in to all of the forms you need to fill out online, is a form about your Learning Communities (LC’s). Read all of the descriptions in the list of LC’s, these will be your three main classes! Wagner will then give you either one or two electives, based on other questions you are asked about your interests, to go along with your LC. (I was in LC14, which was Society and the City. I definitely recommend it! Dr. Esser and Dr. Unger are great professors, both extremely approachable and friendly, and they take you on field trips!)

Hope these were helpful! Please feel free to ask all of us here on the Hawk Talk any questions you have!



Author: bryan.grandison

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