Megan Irving On campus The Freshman Experience

Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

Dear Reader,

As I sift through a new year of HawkTalk applications (which by the way, you can apply here!) I am reminded of a younger Megan Irving. A freshman who had no idea what she would do over her time at Wagner. The friends she would make, the things she would do. You know, I'm getting too sentimental. The year has barely started! Let's look at our last year as something to celebrate and compare our younger selves with us now.

Getting Up For Class

Freshman Year:









Getting up an hour early to curl your hair.

Senior Year:









How late is too late for class?


Freshman Year:








Oh please talk to me so I can tell my mom I have friends.

Senior Year:









"Is that your mom on the phone?!

Tell her I loved the vacation photos on Facebook!"

Relationships with Your Professors

Freshman Year:









Dreading going in for one on one meetings.

Senior Year:








On a first name basis.


Freshman Year:








"Wait, the tan heels or the black ones? Do you think they'll have a DJ?"

Senior Year:








"You wanna go home and watch Netflix instead?"



Freshman Year:







"Guys, I need to score at least a 96% on this midterm to get an A."

Senior Year:









"Did you know we had a test today?"


A lot has changed for all of us over the past three years. But it's not over just yet class of 2016. We've got a year to conquer and jobs to find. Oh, gosh, that's scary. To the freshmen class, you guys are in for a wild ride, and it's gonna go a lot faster then you think. Trust me.