From Dream Job to Higher Education: Meet Anna!

Chris: Anna, great to meet you these past few days. Tell us a little about yourself…

Anna:  Well, I grew up in Massachusetts, about 20 minutes outside of Boston. Both my parents are from Italy, so my older brother and I are first generation in this country. I went to a small liberal arts college, much like. Wagner and studied Early Childhood Education and Psychology. After I graduated I landed my dream job teaching preschool! After one year of teaching I decided to apply to graduate schools for higher education, because I loved being an orientation leader at my alma mater! I just concluded my second year of teaching, and will now focus more on finishing graduate school, and transitioning out of early education to higher education.

Chris: That sounds great! So, how did you find Wagner College?

Anna: Wagner College came to me through an organization called NODA (National Orientation Directors Association) I wanted to gain more experience in higher education, and decided to apply to internships through NODA. New York City has always been a dream of mine to live in, and now I can say it has become my reality.

Chris: I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. So what does the job of Orientation Intern do?

Anna:  During my duration here at Wagner, I will help implement ideas to the orientation program as well as work closely with the Orientation Coordinators as well as the Co-Curricular Programs office. I am enjoying my time thus far, and cannot wait for orientation!

Chris: You are going to have a great time this summer… So what made you want to go into Higher Education?

Anna:  I truly loved being an orientation leader while completing my undergraduate. So, I thought, 'why not do it professionally!' I loved all aspects of orientation, and made lifelong friends being an OL as well. I am excited to get into this field, and make more friends doing so!

Chris: What can you bring to the team?

Anna: I believe I can bring lots to the team! New ideas, fresh outlook, and mostly, creativity!

Chris: In connection to our theme, why do YOU Belong @ Wagner?

Anna: Everyone here has been super nice, and welcoming. I love being part of the city as well. I enjoy walking around Manhattan and learning new things! Wagner is such a great atmosphere to be in, and the view from campus to the city is simply breath taking! I still can't believe I am living in NYC!

Chris: Thanks so much, Anna. I hope my readers learned more about you!

Anna: Thanks for taking the time to interview me! I cannot wait to meet the new first-year students.

Author: christopher.defilippi

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