Dillon Quinn On campus The Freshman Experience

Getting back in the Groove!

New Semester, New Me, RIGHT?!

Sorry, just making a joke! Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great end to 2013 and has lots of great plans for 2014. I know I do! I've been back at Wagner for about a week now and am starting to get back in the groove of things. I started classes, meetings/clubs are beginning again and I'm adjusting to having to deal with homework. I thought I would give everyone a little glimpse into my schedule to give some insight on classes and how they can count for general education/major requirements!


So I'm super lucky because this semester I have no classes on Monday. But I'm being smart about it and started an internship in Manhattan to take advantage of the extra spare time I will have! But, it's going to be important for me to use this time to focus on school as well. With the extra time, my friend and I are going to begin doing a weekly talk show too!


This is one of my main day of classes. I'm excited, but nervous, because it may be overwhelming as I have three classes in a row.

Cultures of The CaribbeanThis class will cover a humanities gen. ed. requirement but I'm also super interested in this topic because I've always been interested in other cultures and what makes them who they are. What's cool about this class is it is specific to the Caribbean cultures. The work load seems about normal with a few large projects and daily readings.

Introduction to FilmAs someone who wants to work in TV/Film, this is one of the classes I'm looking the most forward to. Each week in this class we will be posting blogs that critically analyze different films. The professor has a great and wide knowledge of film and is already really challenging us to work on our critical skills. There is quite a bit of reading and writing but it counts as an English credit as well as a writing intensive class, and an intermediate learning community (ILC), so it basically covers three general education requirements.

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Mathematical Concepts and Applications: This class is what it sounds like: misery. But actually, it's pretty simple math, but for one who can't even do simple division, it's going to pose a small challenge for me. There's a little bit of homework each night, which isn't required, but is good practice for the test. But, math IS required so might as well just get it over with in my first year.


This is another good day for me where I only have one class, so it will be really used as a homework day and an occasional sleep-till-noon- day.

Multimedia Production and StorytellingThis is the 2nd class of the ILC associated with the Intro to Film class. As our professor described it, it's kind of a bootcamp of using various sources of media and all aspects associated with them to tell stories. For example, using pictures, creating websites, recording audio, and filming videos. As I said before, I want to work in TV/Film so these skills will help carry me into my career. This class counts for an Art credit, which will be used for my Arts Administration degree, as well as a technological competency class, in addition to being in an ILC.


Thursdays are my busiest day. In addition to my Tuesday classes, I have a 6-9pm class.

Criminal Justice SystemThis is a really cool class because I'm super fascinated by law and the criminal justice system ever since I started watching Law and Order! It's considered a sociology course and counts as a humanities credit. The work load doesn't seem like too much and there is plenty of time to work on it since it's a weekly class!


NO ClASS! WOOO!!!! This is going to be a day I go to my internship and just chill and relax! I'm very satisfied.

So, because of double dipping and the learning communities, I am two science classes, a lab, and a history course away from being completely done with my general education requirements  in my Freshman year! So there is a little glimpse into a semester of college classes and what some of the classes entail.