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Getting to know Mark Beyer

How many times do we get to sit down with a stranger just to get to know them? In NYC, more than you think. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing fellow HawkTalk blogger, Mark Beyer. Even though this will be our third year on the same campus, our paths never crossed until now and I am happy they did. I’m excited to tell you all about this guy.

Mark playing lacrosse for Wagner!
Mark playing lacrosse for Wagner!

Mark hails from the always sunny San Diego, CA. When I asked Mark what he does, he said, "Everything." After interviewing him, I couldn't agree more. On campus, Mark's main activities include being a PA (Physician Assistant) and playing lacrosse on the Wagner lacrosse team. Mark has been playing lacrosse for basically his entire life. This year will be his 12th year playing. That's crazy! He would love to keep lacrosse in his life in some way forever, whether he is playing with friends in California or coaching kids. In the past he's coached middle school and a summer league. Mark is super passionate about lacrosse and PA, which is why he works hard to make both of the demanding schedules work for him.

I asked Mark why he wanted to become a PA. His response was, “I’ve always been interested in the medical field. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals growing up.” Obviously, this was just too little information. “What do you mean you’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals?” Apparently he means just that. When Mark was a toddler, he was Woody from Toy Story for Halloween (adorable, right?). Probably as he was running after the next candy opportunity, poor Mark fell and stabbed himself in the lip with his sheriff badge. He ended up with his first trip to the ER and first set of stitches. From there on out he ended up landing himself in the ER frequently, from a split knee to a broken jaw his freshman year at Wags. Now as a PA, he will be able to help others, as doctors and PAs have helped him in the past, and maybe have slightly less injuries himself.

Mark_2How does Mark play a college sport, attend PA school and have time for a social life and blogging? Mark would tell you that it's just a part of his lifestyle. He never feels like he has enough to do. If he wants to do something, he makes the time for it. He enjoys learning and sharing the things he has learned (even outer space!). The internal drive Mark has is truly inspiring.

Look out for Mark's blog posts because they are sure to be packed with as much awesome as his life is. And say hey to him if you see him on campus!