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Goodbye, Freshman Year

We are starting our last full month of college and for us freshmen, it has been one helluva year.

I say that in a sense that we have learned so much about ourselves in the last seven months than we would ever imagine. Here is the rollercoaster of emotions that we have gone through from August to now.


When you try to crack a joke during the awkward ice-breakers of orientation week200

When you have to sit alone in the dining hall for the first week because you don't have any friends200-2

Not having any homework during syllabus week so you stay up all night hanging out with new friends200-4

Having to use the communal bathrooms200_s

Slowly, but surely, becoming addicted to coffee200-3

Finding your best friend and realizing you are gonna have the best four years with them200-4

Not knowing how to manage your time for all your school workgiphy

Receiving your first "class is cancelled today" email200

Trying to study for your first round of finals while maintaining your social life, extra curricular activities, and breathing200-5

Going home for break and realizing how much you miss being on campus with your friends200-7

Being back on campus after break with all your friends200_s-3

Finally figuring out "how to college"giphy

Picking your courses and housing for sophomore yeargiphy-2

Realizing the end of the semester is coming soongiphy-3

Trying to study for your finals while maintaining your social life, extra curricular activities, and breathing (notice, nothing is different from first semester)

Walking out of your last final of your freshman yeargiphy-4

Saying bye to your friends for three monthsgiphy-5