Goodbye NYC, Buon Giorno Firenze

Buon Giorno!

My name is Erik Arntzen and I am a senior Arts Administration and Art History dual major at Wagner. For the next month, I will be posting on this blog to talk about my adventures and exploits traveling from New York to Florence. I will be taking two courses at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute, while taking some trips and tours to other cities in Italy. I promise to upload as many pictures as I can!

Waking up today and getting everything together is so weird. Knowing me, I'm sure I'll be forgetting something, but the most important things are definitely accounted for. I'm also sure that I won't feel like I'm actually leaving until I'm on the plane. What's exciting and kind of scary for me is that I'm taking this trip with others students from New York colleges. I don't know anyone personally yet, a feeling I haven't experienced since freshman year orientation. But that just adds to the fun of getting to know new people and making new friends.

My goal is to blog as much as I can and take plenty of pictures to document the trip. The best thing about this blog is that while I'm able to talk about Florence from my perspective, it will be really cool to look back on this blog years later and say "Hey, I did that." I will also be updating a Twitter account @HawkTalk_Erik for smaller tidbits of information about Florence (food, museums, culture, etc.) so it'd be awesome if you could follow it! I'll use Twitter to let followers know when new blog posts are up! Be sure to also look at the Beyond NY and Hawkeye sections of the HawkTalk blog.

Ciao for now,

Erik Arntzen

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