Guatemalan Encounters: Recap

My summer has come to an end here in Guatemala, but that does not mean my fun will stop here. Even though I still have one week left, I will be spending it sleeping and preparing myself for orientation! I hope you are all excited for it — it will be the perfect beginning to your years at Wagner College.

In honor of my summer in Guatemala, I have made a video highlighting all my adventures. I hope you enjoy it. The next time you read from me, I'll be back home... in New York City.

Christian Grotewold

Author: Christian Grotewold

Hi guys! I am Christian and I'm from Guatemala. I am an Arts Administration major here at Wagner College. I am also a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity, one of the HawkTalk directors, and the assistant at the Center for Intercultural Advancement. Some interesting facts about me: I love tattoos (as you can tell from one of my blog posts), my favorite book is Harry Potter (as well as movie), my favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, and I love Batman! I am a very friendly guy and you will always see me with a smile on my face.

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