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Halloween at Wagner!


Happy Halloween, Wagner! Or should I say happy “Halloweekend” which is the college version of Halloween as I have learned. According to the Webster dictionary, Halloween began in the 1800's and is defined as the night of October 31st, on the Eve of All Saints Day (who even knows what that is), where children dress up in costume, and solicit candy or other treats door-to-door. Urban Dictionary defines Halloween as the day that makes the other 364 worth living. Okay, maybe it's a little bit of both. 

One thing to know, is one costume will not cut it here ladies and gentlemen, because for many festive people (and there are many here), Halloween is celebrated not as a night, but as an aesthetic. 

 So how exactly DOES Wagner celebrate Halloween?!

  1. 10/20: Well, it begins well before October 31st with decorating the "spook" out of the dining hall with cobwebs, Halloween themed deserts, and plenty of candy!

2. 10/28: WagCAB also threw the first annual Halloween Harvest in Union this year, with Halloween festivities such as pumpkin decorating, palm reading, and Apple Cider.

3. 10/30: TOWER OF TERRORS & ROCKY HORROR. Each year, Residential Education puts on a haunted house in the basement of towers. Haunted houses in the city cost upwards of $40, so seriously take advantage of this! Who doesn’t love a little fright. The theater students also put on a production of Rocky Horror Picture for the first time in years, and it's rumored they will now continue the old tradition once again, so boogey down to the Time Warp!

5. 10/31: Halloween is here! And here is where you SHOULD take advantage of the city! This year, New York City put on it’s 42nd annual Halloween Day parade in Greenwich Village (p.s. it’s pronounced Gren-ich, not Green-Witch). Nowhere in the world does holidays like NYC does. I can promise you that while I’ve seen some extreme characters on the subway on a normal day, the humans of New York on Halloween are like no other. Or, if you’re feeling potato-y, it’s on TV on NY1.

Staying on campus will also not disappoint, costume-wise. People get festive, fun, and creative!

Till next year, Halloweekend!