How to get ready for your first year at college

Closing in on move in day (just under two months now!), you've probably heard a lot about what to move from just about everybody. It's probably getting a little exhausting so I'll keep this sweet and to the point, the bare necessities.

#1: Amazon Prime Membership:

Fastest delivery ever

To get free 2-day shipping on just about everything on Amazon and a half off Amazon Prime Membership ($49), this is a necessity. It's a must have. It has been a game changer for anything I need that I can't get from a store nearby. Get it here.

#2: Food storage:

Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm

A refrigerator and microwave are what make up anybody's college life. Where are you going to put all your beverages and leftover Chinese food? In you're awesome mini fridge! What are you going to do with all those unpopped popcorn kernals in the bag? Pop them in you're brand new microwave! Do yourself a favor and pick them up, but make sure to talk to your roommate and figure out who's getting what!

#3: The Tech Goodieslaptop meme

There has never been a better time in your life to ask your parents for some new fun technology toys tools. Find one that is durable and dependable that will make it through your 4 years at Wagner, at least. Don't forget to invest in a case or cover and take care of it, now n' days, you're whole life will be on your laptop. The TV is always a good pickup if you want to watch your favorite weeknight show or stream a movie through your TV.

#4: The Room Decor

Floor rug got me feeling like...

Guy or girl, having a cozy dorm room is always nice to have. Adding a floor rug or two can make all the difference. Talk to your roommate and figure out a favorite pattern or color and get one. Also having some floor lamps isn't a bad idea since the Harborview rooms don't have ceiling lights.


I hope you have a great summer and are excited to get on campus soon!