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I love October because…

Yes, this is an actual Halloween decoration here on Staten Island

I am not exactly the biggest fan of the month October to be very honest. Mostly because it is my birthday in November, making October a basic reminder that I am getting old. I prefer not get any older and facing more responsibilities than I already have.

Any ways putting my sentiments aside, I do actually love October; the pumpkin pies and Hocus Pocus finally comes on TV, with Queen Sarah Jessica Parker (also Carrie Bradshaw, the reason I am even in NYC), makes October easy to enjoy. Of course October also reminds me that I live in America, like hello!! I seriously love Americans during any kind of holiday. They take home decorations to a whole other level. Halloween is no exception.

Wagner College also makes it easier for me to love October even more. There are the Halloween themed parties, events and food. Most especially I love the Fall Festival here at Wagner College. Fall Festival here at Wagner has so much going on, that I could barely keep up last year. Fall Festival this year takes place from Friday, October 31st till Sunday, November 2nd.

SFU Sacks
Seahawks 46-39 double over time win over Saint Francis University, last Saturday

As an American sports newbie, believe me when I say, American football confuses the life out of me, even though I attend almost every home game, I still never seem to grasp the idea. However who cares if I understand the actual game, it is still fun. Home coming football game, last year for me was one of my best days here at Wagner. So I shall be present at the Wagner football stadium at 3.30pm on the 1st of November, to see our boys bring down Sacred Heart. Hopefully.

Then you have what I like to call 'Oval festivities'. Where you get to try out some of the food from local Staten Island restaurants, watch performances and just have fun.

NOTE: The oval activities really gets you hyped up for the football game and brings out the school spirit in you. You could get your face painted, so what better way to show school spirit than getting a big print of 'GO SEAHAWKS' on your forehead. Just a friendly suggestion.

Keep calm!

Most Importantly, Fall Festival is an opportunity for most students to reunite with their family and friends. If you live really far away from home like I and the other international students, or you feel  home sick, this time is definitely appreciated. We get to finally (most times), show our parents around campus and let them have a feel of our home away from home. Fall Festival provides fun things for  you, your family and friends to do. Including attending classes and joining the carnival pep rally.