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Internship: Take The Lead Women

Take The Lead

One of the great things about Wagner college, is that they can provide an internship for you. You get bombarded with so many email suggestions on  different internships available in different fields. You most probably would ignore the email but what you do not know is that the internship of your dreams, is most likely among those emails.

Everyone that knows me, knows that my dream job would be to work in an NGO that advocates for women's rights. So when I saw, via emails from the Center for Academic and Career Engagement (CACE) that Take The Lead was looking for interns I was beyond happy. The first reason is the mission of Take The Lead which stood out to me. Take the Lead prepares, develops, inspires and propels women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025. It is a modern women's movement, a unique catalyst for women to embrace power and reach leadership parity. The second reason is because of one its co founders, Gloria Feldt, who I love and adore. For those who do not know, Gloria is the former President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She was also named to Vanity Fair’s  “Top 200 Women, Legends, Leaders, and Trailblazers. The second reason is that I barely have to leave my dorm room to intern at this organization. Most of the work besides events are done online. This was perfect for me because I had friends who tirelessly complained about the hassle of going in and out of the city for their internship. I had to literally sit on my bed, brush my hair and put on my laptop to start working.

Signed by Claire Shipman herself
The Confidence Code

I started my internship at Take the Lead, this past summer. My duties at Take The Lead  has to do mostly with social media. Some of the things I do. include advertising our events and programs on social media websites such as twitter. (Follow us on twitter  @TakeLeadWomen). I also help organize files, contacts and information. My favourite thing to do is working at events such as fundraisers. A recent event was a fundraiser featuring Claire Shipman, who is the author Confidence code. I did general things like sign in guests, as well as take donations.

Over all my internship so far has been more than just an experience. Its a learning process; where I myself can also learn how to be successful without the barriers that come with being a woman. I look forward to learning more from this internship.